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Modal E10

Modal E10

Standard: 25KW to 18MW

Power Rating: 200Hz to 10KHz

Metals: All Ferrous and Non – Ferrous

De mineralized Water System:
Plate type (Alfa level) Heat Exchanger with water pump (S.S Body) & necessary Pressure and Tempature gauges along with valves.

The Plasma Scan is a High Performance Induction Heating
System For Mid-to-high Volume And/or Multi-Shaft
Operations. Multiple Scan-tower Modules are Available to
Accommodate a Wide Variety of Parts.

Safety Features:
Easy Removable Plumbing Cover Enables to All Mechanical Components For Easy Maintenance/Changeover. Single
Utility Connection For Fast Installation or Relocation Commissioning. Self-contained System on a Common Base to
Support Mechanical Modules Provide Various Process Solution; Scan, Lift/rotate, Pick & Place, Linear Transfer and
Rotary Index. Flexible Design Allows a Wide Range of Power Supplies and Control to be Changed or Ungraded to meet
Future Needs Standalone work Cell Requirements User-friendly PC/PLC Based Controls Simplify Set-up, Changeover,
Diagnostics and Process Monitoring. Water Cooling Re-circulating System With Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger.

Optionals / Accessories:
The Plasma Scan System Offers PLC Control Technology. These Programs are Designed for Effortless Touch Screen
Navigation and are Ideal for Monitoring and Logging the Process of Every Part During the Hardening Application.

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