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End Bar Heater

Standard Power Rating

25KW To 450KW | 1KHZ To 30KHZ
12MM To 160 MM


  • Fasteners

Plasma End-bar And Partial Heating System are Divided Into Two Groups

  • Horizontal End Bar Heater and vertical End Bar Heater.
  • All the system are Powered by Plasma Advance Digital Control Systems with Fully Automatic Microprocessor Based Mechanism.
  • End Bar Heating System is Widely Used for Bar-End and Partial Heating, and Particularly Well Suited for Fasteners and Agricultural Tools.
  • End Bar Heating System is Versatile. They Can Heat any Types of Profile Job and Handle Every Job and Performed Well to the 2500mm Length.
  • End Bar Heating System is Available with Different Numbers of Heat Station (The Minimum Is Three).
  • The Vertical Design Of the Systems Exploits the Gravity to Automatically Remove Scaling, Resulting In Optimum Life Span and Efficiency For the Lining, Induction Heating Coils and Overall Systems.
  • Multiple job v guide system.
  • Coil Moving System with auto loader.
  • Auto ramp loader, pneumatic bar lifting arrangement, motorized heavy duty chain driven rollers, pinch roller assembly, guide rollers & other accessories, Bar loading arrangement from ground level.