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Coreless Furness

Plasma Induction

Coreless Furness

Strong and sturdy, these 2 to 25 ton coreless furnace features PLASMAINDUCTION heavy walled hollow bar power coil and has seen extensive service in the production of mill roll iron. Heavy rolled steel plate provides strength for the entire furnace assembly. Flux returning yokes are bolted directly through the furnace shell to support the power coil. The added shell strength provides positive support for all the furnace components, especially when tilting for pouring. All the load is tied back to the shell of the furnace and not the coil and refractory, adding to the life of the refractory.

Electrolytic Copper Coil

For large coreless furnaces, PLASMAINDUCTION uses heavy well extruded copper for free standing strength and rigidity. Each turn of the coil is supported by a number of heliarc welded studs bolted to vertical support posts to guard against mechanical vibration. No clamping is required and all joints are heliarc welded to guard against water leaks. Run outs tend to freeze against the coil face, preventing costly damage.

Standard Features

Fully captive electromagnetic flux containment system
Dual hydraulic tilt cylinders
Upper & lower refractory cooling coils
Hydraulic flow control valves
Precast solid refractory bottom
Sectioned precast top insulation ring
Emergency hoist connection point
Full coil leak detection system
Closed captive hood (optional)

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