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Billet Heater G5

Standard 25KW to 75KW
Power Rating 10KHz to 100KHz
Job Size Round / RCS 10mm to 50mm
Dimentions LBH 1Mtr X 0.5Mtr X 1Mtr
Weight 0.750 Ton

De mineralized Water System

Plate Type (Alfa Laval) Heat Exchanger with Water Pump (S.S. Body) & necessary Pressure and Temperature gauges along with valves.


Cyclic Timer Based.

Safety Features

Door Interlocks, Pressure Switches in both water circuit (D.M. and Cooling tower) Temperature sensors, Temperature Gauges, Emergency OFF, Flow switches in all critical water paths.

Optional / Accessories

Energy Monitoring Systems, Infrared Non Contact Pyrometer, Vibratory Bowl Feeders.

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